The other morning Cassidy and I went through some bins in the shed in an effort to collect things for a garage sale at the church. Along with several pairs of hand-me-down knee socks, we came across a collection of 'Little People' (to add to the large collection already in the house).

I guess they had been away long enough that Cassidy didn't really remember ever playing with them. In her mind, the were new toys!

As she told the story of Noah and I sorted laundry, she said, "These are sure some great rememberies!"

Yesterday morning I watched the introduction video to "The Patriarchs" - a bible study by Beth Moore. I love Beth! She's so dynamic and has such a powerful way of communicating the message of the bible. In the intro, she basically outlines the lineage of the primary characters in the book of Genesis and gives hints on the things that we'll be learning. She talks about the importance of Names - particularly the names of God.

I must confess that while I like the idea of history - I don't really enjoy studying it. As I left the church yesterday, I knew I wouldn't stop going to the study (that's just not my style), but I wondered if I would look forward to going each week.

But something about the word 'rememberies' really struck me.

I want to fall deeper in love with the Lord Jesus. I want to know more about God and the way He thinks, so that I can try to think like that too. But how can I rely on memories that I don't have? I need to remind myself (through the study of the Word) who God is and what He's done if I want to have memories to remember.


I hope I don't forget this precious word.....a gift from my Saviour for today.


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