a moment

in a flash, a memory...

driving down the road the other day, i reached for my starbucks and gave it a little shake.  just a little coffee left.  thankful, i tilt the cup waaaay back to get every last drop.

in that moment, as though looking through a photo album, i see three babies.  my babies.  each them with a sippy cup, angled just so, head thrown back enjoying the last sips of milk.

(i always feel like i'm drinking from a sippy cup when i have coffee out...)

double fisting the sippers

everyone will say it, but man, time flies.

those days felt so long, but the years truly are, as they say, short.

i kept those sippy cups around for a few years after my youngest outgrew them (much sooner than the other two, as these things go).  i told myself it was a good thing to have on hand for when baby-friends came to visit.

i think we can be honest and agree, i just didn't want to stop seeing them in my cupboard!

ages and stages, this too shall pass, cherish every moment....

take from this what you will.

i took a few moments to look through old pictures and remember with a smile.  i looked at my kids and wondered what i will miss the most about the stage they're in now.

and then i decided to be here now, present and alert.

and i chose to say Thank You.

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  1. It's such a small window that we have them isn't it? being present > longing for different.


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