No one does Christmas music quite like the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!

They put out their second Christmas album last year and it's just as great
-uplifting, inspiring and energizing-

I blast it every morning that I'm able to get ready for the day by myself.
(go figure, my kids are always telling me to turn the music down!)

This one has really spoken to me.  

Messiah, Saviour, Holy One, Redeemer-

Such a beautiful name for Jesus...God with us.

The other morning, I got dressed and made my bed with tears on my cheeks 
as I played this song over and over.

Oh how I need Jesus!  
I need Him and I'm assured that I am His, He is mine.
Oh how we all need Jesus!
But some don't even (yet) know of their need....
some have never been told,
some haven't (yet) really heard...

What joy is there without Him?
What hope?
What freedom?

Why do I ever try to survive for even a moment on my own...?


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