waiting for spring

It's never good to live in the past, but today I'm lamenting celebrating one year since I took two very special trips out to the West Coast.  My March blog header has just a few images from the sights and experiences I had with two dear friends within two months - I know, it was a real treat!

The snow is still piled so high up here, just slightly above the 49th parallel, and I've had enough.  I thought I would escape the winter without too much SAD-ness (seasonal affective disorder), but now that it's March - MARCH! - and it looks and feels like January, I'm struggling.  I know winter can be difficult for many people and I talked about it last year, too.  It is a little mind-boggling to me how connected the weather can be to my mood.  I really dislike that - I wish I could always  rise above external circumstances...

I do my best to focus on the good - I know there is plenty!
~the days are getting longer, that really helps
~there's often lots of sunshine
~the birds continue to find my feeder, watching them from inside is how I prefer it anyway!
~I still have time to: plan the flowers for my planters, register the kids for soccer and camp, pretend like I'll exercise my body for swimsuit readiness....

And the best thing of all is that my Lord is not affected by the weather.  His warm love surrounds me, fills and flows through me, no matter how cold it is.

Desperate, I throw myself on you: 
      you are my God! 
   Hour by hour I place my days in your hand, 
      safe from the hands out to get me. 
   Warm me, your servant, with a smile;
save me because you love me.
Psalm 31:14-16 (Msg)

As I long for spring, waiting in anticipation of parka-free and sock-less weather,
I decided to give myself a pedicure using the colour I bought on one of the trips last spring...

*not the "springiest" hue, I'll acknowledge, but it works for me!


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