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Having a four year old in the house is an endless source of amusement.  The baby of our family is everything they say a person in that role should be - funny, easy-going, outgoing and creative.

One of the creative things she does almost daily is taking pictures.  She finds the digital camera and will take endless pictures.  This bothers my husband....something about 'what if she drops the camera and it breaks'....but I love it.  I love seeing what is meaningful to her, and how she sees the world around her. 

Most of all, I love her on-going study of self portraits.  Here's one of the bunch she took this morning:

Sometimes it's a close-up of a mouth or eye (and often a shot of her foot in her new red shoes), but this time, it was practicing expressions.  What does this face say to you?  It makes me smile because it's the face she gives me when she doubts what I say is true or she simply doesn't want to believe what I say is true!

After she showed me her array of pictures, I suggested to her that maybe she would be a photographer when she grows up.  I'm pretty sure she gave me that look, as in, "and why exactly would I want to do that?"  (I think it bothered her that I might be suggesting something other than her aspirations to be a fairy princess.)  The fact that this is something that she spends many hours a week on was beside the point.  How could that be any indication of what she cares most about?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Today this makes me think - the things I spend the most time on are the things I value most.

I desire to have my life be a reflection of my core beliefs about who I am in Christ and what He has called me to do.  This isn't done by talking about it (alone).  This is doing.  People around me and my kids will know what I value by how I spend my time.


talking on the phone?

surfing the web?

reading a magazine?

playing a game with them?

prioritizing time with my spouse?

prioritizing my time with the Lord?

These things are NOT in order of importance! ...and I don't think any of these things are bad... it's a question (for me) of what comes first.  Where is my treasure?  Where do I want it to be?  Is it evident by the reflection of my heart (aka - my deeds?)

"People may think their ways are pure,
but motives are weighed by the Lord.
Commit to the Lord whatever you do
and He will establish your plans."
Proverbs 16:2-3 

There's a verse in the song "Reign in Me"  that is my prayer for today:

Over every thought
Over every word
May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord
'cause You mean more to me than any earthly thing
So won't You reign in me again!


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